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Janhavi Panwar – The Wonder girl of India

Janhavi Panwar

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney 

Fourteen year Janhavi was given the title of ‘India’s Wonder Girl’ at just the age of 9 .She has learned 9 foreign accents named British, American, Posh, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, Arabian, Norfolk, Cockney. She also learned French, Japanese, and Spanish languages. Janhavi Panwar capabilities aren’t just limited to linguistic skills but she is also motivational speaker. Her first lecture was in Haryana institute of Public Administration in front of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and 150 IAS officers who also gave a standing ovation to her.

Janhavi Panwar was born in Samalkhar, Haryana. Her mother is a housewife and her father is school teacher and they always limited budget and resources. Despite that her father always tried to give all the facilities that she required to sharpen her skills right as he realized that she was gifted child.

Janhavi Panwar

Her father Brijmohan Panwar was great motivation for her throughout the journey. He remember, when she was only one, her vocabulary was 500-550 English words. And because of this When she turned three, she wasn’t admitted to Nursery but directly to Senior KG because she had picked already most things at home. During her school period, Janhavi was always well above the academic standards of her age group. For this reason, her parents and teachers repeatedly requested special permission from the educational authorities for the girl to pass several courses simultaneously.

Within the short time, she mastered her language skills and different foreign accents by listening carefully to videos downloaded by her father. But her father knows that listening to videos will not be sufficient and he started finding linguist to master the complex grammatical structures of language.

And he found Professor Rekha Raj, a linguist based in Panipat. She helped her to hone her skills.

Her dream is to join the Super 30 program that was initiated by Anand Kumar that focuses on educating & preparing underprivileged children for the entrance exam of IIT-JEE, to crack the IAS exam. Every year 30 students are admitted under this program on the basis of the entrance exam that is conducted by them only. It is not easy to crack this exam and be part of Super 30. Janhavi was selected by the founder himself without any exam. Anand Kumar and Janhavi Panwar both were invited to an event where she appeared as a motivational speaker. Anand Kumar was so impressed by Janhavi’s accents & skills offered her to be a part of super 30.

Janhavi Panwar is an extra ordinary example of the potential that can encourage Indian youth. This story tells us the fact that, “A winner is a dreamer who never give up. Don’t quit, stay positive, work hard and make it happen”. After facing lot of hurdles, she continued with her passion. Janhavi believes that every failure makes us stronger and teaches us new things. Just keep faith in ourselves and it will definitely lead us to success.

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