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Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

  IntroductionRICH DAD POOR DAD I had two fathers, a rich one and a poor one. One was highly educated and intelligent. He had a Ph.D....

ऑनलाइन फ्री बुक्स

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Nick Vujicic

Life without Limbs – Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is an Australian motivational speaker and Christian evangelist. God has used Nick’s testimony to touch thousands of hearts around the world! He was...
Srikanth Bolla

Srikanth Bolla was named in Forbes list 30 under 30 across Asia

Srikanth Bolla was born blind into a family of farmers in rural India - and went on to become the first international blind student...
Beti Zindabad Bakery

Beti Zindabad Bakery

Beti Zindabad Bakery – as the name suggests it aims to empower women. They help those who survived trafficking. This bakery is in a tribal Jashpur...
Dhirubhai Ambani

पेट्रोल पंप पर किया काम , पकौड़े बेचे, फिर धीरे धीरे ऐसे बनाया करोड़ों...

If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.   - Dhirubhai Ambani   "अगर आप अपने सपने को खुद को...
ritesh agarwal

23 साल की उम्र में बना ली करोड़ों की कंपनी

“Start small, nail it, and then make it big.”– Ritesh Agarwal कहते हैं कि मन में विश्वास और कुछ कर गुजरने का जज्बा हो तो...



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